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Allie Fugatt

Allie Fugatt


Allie graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Biology degree, specializing in education. After school, Allie taught high school science and coached softball, basketball, and tennis. 

Designing homes has always been a great passion of hers, and has done many from start to finish for real estate investors, and of course her own properties. She believes customer service and client happiness comes first above all else. Allie truly believes hospitality is and will always be the key to success in this business, and she devotes all of her effort to put this before all else.

She currently resides in West Ga with her husband and 2 kids, Rileigh and Brayden. 

Kyle Fugatt


Kyle graduated from Southern Polytechnic State with an Electrical Engineering degree. After college, he continued in the electrical field as an engineer. 

Providing turn key homes from almost tear down down condition has been a great joy of his since he started in Real Estate. The entire process has been a large process in Cherokee Rose Homes since design begins in the early stages.

For Kyle, providing homeowner/client satisfaction is the #1 priority. Bringing this attitude to Cherokee Rose Homes is Kyle's biggest asset.

Kyle resides in West Ga with his wife and 2 Kids, Rileigh and Brayden.

Kyle Fugatt
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