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Project Chimps

Nestled within the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia, Project Chimps stands as the latest beacon of hope for former research chimpanzees in the United States. 

Project Chimps, Blue Ridge Mountains, outdoor activities, family bonding

Founded with a resolute commitment to offering unparalleled lifelong care, this sanctuary sprawls across more than 230 acres of lush forested land. Currently providing sanctuary to 95 chimpanzees, our dedicated team tirelessly endeavors to transition nearly 100 more into their forever home. While primarily focused on ensuring the well-being of our residents, Project Chimps also extends a warm invitation to the public, offering occasional access for special events and group tours, fostering understanding and support for our vital mission.

Address: P.O. BOX 2140 BLUE RIDGE, GA 30513

Please take a moment to explore these cabins:

Adventure Lodge - - 20 mins drive 

Blue Ridge Dreams - - 23 mins drive 

Happy Trails Hideaway - - 24 mins drive

Lakeview Lodge - - 22 mins drive

Lil' Slice Heaven - - 19 mins drive

Red Fox Retreat - - 19 mins drive

River Whispers - - 38 mins drive

🌟 Exciting News! The Mallard Hotel is now OPEN! 🌟

We are delighted to announce the grand reopening of The Mallard Hotel, where luxury meets unparalleled hospitality.

For more information, room availability, and reservations, please click the following link: The Mallard Hotel Website

We invite you to show your support by liking and following our Facebook page for the latest updates:

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