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Harvest on Main

Updated: Apr 26

Nestled in a rustic and inviting space, Harvest on Main invites diners to embark on a culinary journey like no other.

Restaurant, food, steak, dessert

Here, the essence of farm-to-table cuisine is not just a trend but a way of life. With a commitment to creativity and sustainability, Harvest on Main crafts inventive American dishes that celebrate the bounties of local farms. The result is a menu that is as fresh as it is diverse, offering a taste of the season's best. Beyond the dining experience, this culinary haven goes a step further by offering lodging options for those seeking a tranquil retreat. Additionally, for those eager to learn the art of farm-to-table cooking, the restaurant offers immersive cooking classes that provide insights into the craft behind their delectable dishes. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a traveler in search of unique lodging, or a culinary adventurer, Harvest on Main offers a complete experience that nourishes both body and soul in the heart of American farm-to-table tradition.

Address: 576 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

Please take a moment to explore these cabins:

Red Fox Retreat - - 15 mins drive

StoryTellers - - 17 mins drive

Lakeview Lodge - - 18 mins drive

Blue Ridge Dreams - - 20 mins drive

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