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EXPEDITION:BIGFOOT! The Sasquatch Museum

Updated: Apr 26

A great place to explore the mysterious creature of legend.

EXPEDITION:BIGFOOT! The Sasquatch Museum, Bigfoot, museum

Here are some things you'll want to do when visiting EXPEDITION:BIGFOOT! The Sasquatch Museum: 1. Explore the museum's collection of artifacts and memorabilia related to Bigfoot – from fossilized footprints, tools, and clothing to photographs and newspaper clippings. 2. Attend one of the many lectures and seminars hosted by experts on the subject. 3. Check out the interactive exhibits that allow you to explore Sasquatch-related topics in greater depth. 4. Take a tour of the museum with an experienced guide who can answer your questions about the creature and its history. 5. Visit the gift shop for souvenirs and unique items related to Sasquatch. 6. Spend some time with the museum's resident Bigfoot, John Doe, who can provide an entertaining and educational experience for all ages. 7. Participate in a scavenger hunt that uses clues to lead you on a journey of discovery within the museum. 8. Take part in one of the many special events and activities hosted by the museum throughout the year. 9. Take a snapshot with a life-sized Sasquatch statue that you can find at the entrance of the museum. 10. Enjoy some refreshments at the cafe located inside the museum, which serves up tasty snacks and drinks. 11. Join in on one of the guided hikes that go out into the woods near the museum, allowing you to explore and search for signs of Bigfoot in its natural habitat. 12. Get creative at the arts and crafts station where you can make your own Sasquatch-themed art. 13. Go on a night tour of the area around the museum in hopes of spotting a real-life Sasquatch! 14. Take a virtual reality experience that allows you to "walk" through the museum and explore its many exhibits from your own home. 15. Stop by the research library located within the facility and read up on all of the latest discoveries related to Bigfoot! With so many things to do at The Sasquatch Museum, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience! Make sure to check out this unique destination the next time you're in town. You never know what mysteries you may uncover! Have fun! Happy exploring!

Address: 1934 GA-515, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

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