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Ducktown Basin Museum

Located near the junction of US 64 and TN 68 on the Burra Burra Mine State Historic Site, the Ducktown Basin Museum offers visitors a captivating exploration of the rich history of copper mining and daily life in the historic Copper Basin. 

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Embark on a fascinating journey spanning over a century, from the arrival of the area's earliest settlers to the closure of the last mine in 1987. Discover exhibits that vividly depict the challenges, triumphs, and everyday experiences of those who shaped the region's mining heritage. The museum's immersive displays and artifacts provide insight into the lives of miners, families, and communities that once thrived in this pivotal mining district. Experience the legacy and significance of copper mining in the Ducktown Basin through engaging narratives and historical collections at this unique and educational destination.

Address: 212 Burra Burra St. Ducktown, TN 37326

Please take a moment to explore these cabins:

Adventure Lodge - - 26 mins drive

Blue Ridge Dreams - - 30 mins drive

Blue Turtle Villa - - 25 mins drive

Happy Trails Hideaway - - 36 mins drive

Lil' Slice Heaven - - 30 mins drive

Red Fox Retreat - - 30 mins drive

River Whispers - - 49 mins drive

Tranquility Toccoa - - 22 mins drive

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