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Al: Safari Park

Updated: Apr 26

The Alabama Safari Park stands as a captivating oasis for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike.

Safari Park, zoo, animals

At Alabama Safari Park, you'll have the opportunity to observe our diverse range of resident animals, from charming llamas and endearing lemurs to exotic kangaroos and majestic zebras. You can also enjoy the unique experience of feeding giraffes from our Giraffe Tower. Explore our extensive 350-acre park by driving through multiple times to spot as many animals as possible. You can interact with our animals safely through various means: from the comfort of your vehicle during our 350-acre drive-thru safari, on foot as you stroll through our village walk-about, up close when you feed the giraffes at the Giraffe Tower, or by visiting our petting area, where you'll encounter all your favorite farmyard animals.

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Address: 1664 Venable Rd, Hope Hull, AL 36043, United States

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Lakeside Hideaway - - 2 hr 25 mins

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