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The Range: The Creek at Wedowee

Updated: Jan 26

The Range: The Creek at Wedowee offers eight bays available for hourly rental, catering to both solo players and groups of up to six per bay.

The Range: The Creek at Wedowee, golf

What makes The Range stand out is the inclusion of Toptracer technology in each bay, provided to guests at no extra cost. This technology promises an exciting and immersive experience, perfect for individuals of all ages and skill levels. If you're unfamiliar with Toptracer, read on to learn more!

Introducing Toptracer

If you've ever tuned in to a golf tournament on TV, chances are you've witnessed the incredible capabilities of Toptracer technology. It's the same cutting-edge technology used in professional golf broadcasts, and at The Range, we bring this elite-level experience to you. Toptracer elevates the traditional driving range into something akin to a professional golf outing.

With real-time data analysis for every shot, Toptracer enables you to test your skills on virtual renditions of renowned golf courses, practice a wide range of shots, and even engage in friendly competitions with your companions. This tech-driven, fun-filled experience is not only a delight for seasoned golfers but also perfect for those new to the sport, making it a fantastic choice for friends, family, and everyone in between!

Address: 1310 County Road 269, Wedowee, AL 36278

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Lakeside Hideaway - - 15 mins drive

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