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Rail Bike

Updated: Feb 16

The Freedom Rail Bike in Blue Ridge offers an exhilarating journey along historic railroad tracks.

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The Freedom Railbike adventure caters to all, providing a leisurely and engaging activity suitable for families, friends, and even solo travelers. Each railbike is designed with comfort and safety in mind, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for everyone on board. As you traverse the tracks, the knowledgeable guides offer insights into the local history, ecology, and the significance of the railway route. The journey culminates in a sense of accomplishment as you complete the course, taking home not only cherished memories but also a profound appreciation for the region's natural splendor. Discover a new way to embrace freedom and connect with the outdoors on the Freedom Railbike in Blue Ridge – an experience that blends recreation, education, and the sheer thrill of embarking on an uncharted path.

*Rides occur weekly on Thursday through Monday ( Ride Times: 12 pm, 2pm, 4pm )

*Closed weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday

Please take a moment to explore these cabins:

Red Fox Retreat - - 15 mins drive

Lakeview Lodge - - 18 mins drive

Adventure Lodge - - 18 mins drive

Blue Ridge Dreams - - 21 mins drive

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