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Guided Quail Hunting

Updated: 6 days ago

Embarking on a quail hunt at Noontootla Creek Farms is an adventure that promises to etch unforgettable memories into your heart.

Quail Hunting, hunting

As you stroll amidst the whispering pines or traverse the open fields, guided by your trusty bird dogs, you'll find yourself immersed in an experience that transcends time. Our seasoned guides will accompany you on this journey through the Southern Appalachian landscape, revealing the distinctive essence of bird hunting in this picturesque region. Your quail hunt begins at the Sporting Clays Pro Shop, where you'll meet your guide. After a quick paperwork process, including waivers and a brief but essential Hunter Safety video, you'll be ready to set forth on an exhilarating quest that showcases the beauty and thrill of Southern Appalachian bird hunting.

For more detailed information, please visit their website at:

Address: 221 Foxfire Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, USA

Please take a moment to explore these cabins:

Sweet View - - 13 mins drive

Lakeview Lodge - - 21 mins drive

Timber N Tin - - 22 mins drive

TNT II - - 22 mins drive

Blue Ridge Dreams - - 27 mins drive

Blue Fox Den - - 32 mins drive

Cloud 10 - - 34 mins drive

Adventure Lodge - - 35 mins drive

Red Fox Retreat - - 37 mins drive

Laurel Brook - - 39 mins drive

StoryTellers - - 40 mins drive

Sunset Peak - - 42 mins drive

Muses - - 44 mins drive

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We are delighted to announce the grand reopening of The Mallard Hotel, where luxury meets unparalleled hospitality.

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